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Tax Planning

  • Tax is an integral part of regulatory compliance in India. There has been a certain amount of rationalization with the GST regime kicking in and some simplification on how tax is imposed. However, the onus of complying with it has probably transformed into a much rigorous exercise. Tax planning is integral to Investment, risks and retirement plans.

  • To offer a simple analogy, it may be more prudent for a self-employed individual to opt for an operating lease as compared to buying a car. This again springs up a conundrum of paying more interest rather than tax. These are decisions that require expert advice. At MaxSurge, we dig deep into advising our customers to take the right decisions that help them save money and ensure compliance.

  • We work closely with NRIs and expats to help with their Capital Gains taxes and advise on appropriate investments to minimize tax obligations while nurturing their portfolio. Whatever be your investment preference, we ensure that you are not “taxed” to feel a burden as compared to your returns. We differentiate between Tax and Returns and that gives our customers an advantage.