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Risk Planning

  • At a quantitative level, Risk = Probability X Impact. While this is a generally accepted formula, it is imperative for us to understand the risk tolerance and proclivity of each individual. While several advisors are content to reach a general classification of an individual either being averse or eager to embrace risk, we follow a more objective and scientific approach to create a risk profile that includes a Risk management plan and a Risk response plan.

  • At MaxSurge, we perceive Risk as a virtue and a vice both. This duality presents a challenge to mitigate as well as an opportunity to exploit. In simpler words, we discuss threadbare, the positive and negative impact of a financial decision. Accordingly, we make suggestions that are dovetailed into the Risk profile of the individual.
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  • Why should your risk profile be revisited periodically?

    1. Appetite and aversion to risk evolves and changes over time. A higher discretionary income could result in an increase in the appetite whereas an addition to the family may curtail such an appetite.
    2. Revisiting your Risk profile is like a paying a visit to your physician to reassure yourself.
    3. External risk factors are an important stimulus that could have an impact on your planned course of action. This could be due to a change in the laws, regulatory framework, taxation, compliance and several such factors.

  • Financial Risks are a reality; however, ignoring the need to plan your finances is the biggest Risk.