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Retirement Planning

  • Retirement is an event that is generally factored in for anyone who is employed, where regulations mandate that instruments such as Provident fund and Gratuity are superannuation benefits. However, this mandatory allocation is seldom sufficient to meet real life requirements.

  • When you take up a job, or are self-employed, you do not necessarily decide where you would like to reside when you retire, when you would like to call it a day from professional assignments and probably have some idea of how much you may require when your regular source of income dries up. At MaxSurge, we help you evaluate your financial needs (How much?) based on where and when?

  • Investing in financial products and instruments that strike the right balance between tax payouts and allocation of funds post retirements is arrived at with a meticulous and scientific analysis of the available investment corpus, the percentage that needs to be invested in such instruments and cashing out at the right timeframes.

  • Retirement planning is not just about insurance. Insurance is scratching the surface and is often confused to be the only instrument for retirement planning. Monthly income plans, the setting up of a trust, creating an estate that provides sustainable returns are building blocks of retirement planning. At MaxSurge, we help you retire happily.