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Investment Planning

  • Buy Gold and bury it in your backyard is no longer the golden rule of investment. Investment is a scientific approach to how you would want to realize the money that you commit to grow, provide returns, ensure liquidity, confirm value appreciation that outperforms market growth, tackle inflation and taxation and eventually leave behind a legacy that you would be proud of.

  • When you buy a property and take out a mortgage, you start working for the bank. This is a scenario that we often come across, where loans are upsold to meet targets. Asset creation where Value appreciation is notional and computational, rather than impactful is called a debt trap. Our investment advisory ensures that our clients do not over leverage on debt options.

  • The recent recommendations in the budget to exempt tax for certain limits that entail investments in equity does not necessarily make it imperative for every individual (in the taxable spectrum) to compulsorily invest in equities. The stock market largely is intrinsically speculative. So are products like mutual funds or systematic investment plans. The clinching factor is to allocate reasonable funds for what is speculative and what is definitive. We curate investment plans that are derived from your risk profile and are aligned to fulfill your aspirations.