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Frequently asked Questions

General Questions

You work hard for your money? Should your money not reciprocate, by working hard for you?.

For the same reasons you need a physician. For the same reasons, self-medication is not a good idea. For the same reason you consult a Yoga / Gym instructor. You need a financial adviser to perform an objective evaluation of your aspirations and provide you with a dispassionate investment plan.

Ideally, you should start investing when you have an investible corpus or a surplus income that helps you meet your financial goals. However, an investment plan can be drawn up before you invest.

A bank sells products to meet its targets. An advisory firm does not sell products. They provide solutions by curating a portfolio.

The rate of return in a fixed deposit barely factors in the inflation. It does not provide you returns to book a profit.

The risk profile is the first footprint of an individual’s appetite and aversion to take risks. It is unique for each individual. It helps set aspirations and goals and largely influences how investment needs to be aligned.

Max Surge Advisers is a personalized wealth management advisory and a financial planning services company (firm) that offers custom planning services for individuals who are passionate about ensuring that the fruits of their labour yield optimum results and stay ahead of market dynamics.

By working with us, you will develop clear plans for your dreams, put your money to work properly, and monitor your progress regularly to ensure those dreams are realized.

The advisers and principal consultants at Max Surge are NISM certified and follow established norms and comply with statutory requirements of SEBI and other regulators in creating plans for Individuals. With a combined experience of over 5 decades, the advisers ensure a strong commitment to excellence, strict adherence to ethical practices and a solid focus on innovation.

Yes. We are registered with SEBI as Registered Investment Advisors.

We follow a well proven methodology that involves a detailed understanding of your needs and aspirations, the creation of a personal risk profile, the creation of a plan that involves phases, products and realization milestones that is aligned to your aspirations and goals. The implementation involves an inbuilt quality assurance and control mechanism that helps us proactively measure metrics and take necessary corrective actions. The Process driven methodology helps us refine and make modifications to ensure that the plan is always aligned.